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Who: Monica Martinez. Arte Aissa is my design work!

What:As many of you know, I used to work with art reps & create artwork for the interior design industry. My work was distributed and sold through art dealers to the furniture trade, and in retail stores across the country (Robin Stucky, Ethan Allen, High Point, to name a few). I have the last of my inventory from my design-for-the-trade days. I want to make it available to you, direct from artist to collector, at half the wholesale price. The art is beautiful and very affordable. The work is on paper and is unframed. Most is standard sizing and allows for use of either ready-made or custom framing.

Where: I am in Phoenix, Arizona. so the work will ship from here. If you
are local, we can make arrangements.

Why: I have plenty of stock and I am ready to clean out my flat files! (Goodbye, middle man!) The sale is on until the pieces are gone.

Prices:Prices are set by size and are as follows:

10" x 8" $130.00
12" x 10" $125.00
11" x 14" $150.00
15" x 15" $170.00
18" x 18" $230.00
24" x 18" $240.00
22" x 30" $250.00
30" x 30" $400.00
36" x 24" $400.00
44" x 36" $500.00

*Tax and shipping will be added to your cost.

Other questions: Click here and Ask!

Framing for locals: If you do choose to custom frame the artwork I recommend my framer Bill, at
Bill's Custom Frames in Tempe, AZ.

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